Fashionable Balenciaga Durag for all ages.


Your popular Balenciaga Durag, is a fashion close-fitting cloth tied around the top of the head to keep your waves, hairstyles, and braids in place.

Each time  I heard  or read about this name “Balenciaga”, I wonder where and how did the name come to be, but alas, I dashed into the answer few weeks ago.

I dim it for to share it with you, my lovely readers. Come-on, let’s hit it!


Who is Cristobal Balenciaga?

Splendid Balenciaga Durag for all ages.


Each time you wear your Balenciaga durag, always remember the creator of the fashion durga. Cristobal Balenciaga was born in the small fishing  village of  Guetaria, in the Basque region of Spain on January 21 1895.

From his early years as a boy, he always spend many hours with his mother at her sewing place.  Cristobal’s mum was a seamstress.

With his determination and relentless efforts towards knowing the nitty gritty of sewing which was made known in his village, the most prominent woman of his town, the Marquess de Case Torres became his patron and client.

Marquesa de Case Torres sent Balenciaga to Madrid for formal training in tailoring, what a stepping stone you would say, right?

Balenciaga found success in his native country. He was tagged and elevated by the French press then as a revolutionising force in fashion.

Cristobal became a true fashion innovator that revolutionized women’s fashion. Till date, had developed trademark styles, your much talk about Balenciaga durag inclusive!


How much is Balenciaga Durag?

Splendid Balenciaga Durag for all ages.

Balenciaga Durag has  diverse prices because of the it’s various trendy textures.

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Lists of designer Durags that might interest you.


Black and White Durag:

Splendid Balenciaga Durag for all ages.


Gucci Durag:


Louis Vuitton durag:

Splendid Balenciaga Durag for all ages.


Bape durag:

Splendid Balenciaga Durag for all ages.


Dior durag:

Splendid Balenciaga Durag for all ages.


Does Louis Vuitton have Durags?

Yes, Louis Vuitton have Durags. These Durags are with premium silk or polyester blend best for style.

Their features includes:

– They are available for unisex

– the Durags are stretchy and wrinkles free

– They have interior high quality stitching

– Long with straps

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