Stunning 10 Half stitch braids half knotless for you.

  Half stitch braids half knotless hairstyle are braids with extensions with very flat and smooth roots.  Tricky style with awesome uniqueness.   Whether you’re just starting out learning how to do braids or need a few new braiding ideas for your next hair style, try a stitch braid. With the half knotless method, it’s … Read more

The glow in the dark hair dye you can’t stop staring at.

  Sparkling Rainbow in the dark! Yes, glow in the dark hair dye is also called “Phoenix”, created with rainbow hair dye designed to shine under a black light. The colorist Guy Tang created this trendy hairstyle.  He uses Kenra color creative Neon collection dye (neon is a brightly glowing, electrified glass tube or bulb … Read more

15 Hottest Neck Length Hairstyles For Women 2022

  Neck-length hairstyles can look amazingly beautiful on every woman. They are especially suitable for women that need to spark up anyway. Moreso,  if chosen and styled properly such a haircut or hairstyle will add a spark to your appearance becoming the catcher of the delighted looks from all around. The lovely neck-length haircuts are … Read more