How to build an affordable wardrobe this Christmas?


Hello friends! Why do you want to empty your pocket because you want to dress well this Christmas? Let me teach you how to build an affordable wardrobe.


An affordable wardrobe should be a styling atmosphere that need not to hurt your pocket, it should be as simple as Street style clothing.

Once your starter kit is ready, you’ll surely feel much better about the overall condition of your clothing and possibly be more inspired to keep your newfound style resolutions moving forward.

So, whatever pace your money permits, set yourself a flexible budget and keep working toward your ideal wardrobe.

You might only be able to buy one or two new pieces now as opposed to five new ones every month. But if you choose well, those two items each month add up to something far more substantial: a well-organized, high-quality wardrobe full of items you adore and can wear for many seasons to come.


Read on for a step-by-step guide to putting together your starter kit, based on your  lifestyle.


How to build an affordable wardrobe this Christmas?


Step 1: Analyse your lifestyle.

Before you can select items for your starter kit you first need to know exactly what kinds of activities you need outfits for and in what quantities. Here’s how to analyze and visualize your wardrobe’s lifestyle requirements:

Make a list of all of your regular activities: Work, meeting friends, date night, time at home, etc. Group activities for which you wear the same kinds of outfits together.

Express your findings as a little pie chart like the one below. That structure is what your final wardrobe and also your starter kit should be tailored to (more on that in the next steps).


Step 2:  Sketch out your ideal wardrobe

Your starter kit pieces should all be part of a bigger framework you are working towards your ideal wardrobe.

Check out this post for some advice on how to define your style, and then write down some notes on what your ideal wardrobe would look like, you should also consider looking good clothing store.

Feel free to go into as much detail as you like here, but don’t feel like you need to have every single thing planned out.

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Concentrate on the overall look you are going for and the most important elements of your style.


Step 3:  Choose versatile  key pieces

For now, try to only focus on which types of items might be good candidates for your starter kit (e.g. ‘black leather brogues’ or ‘light-wash skinny jeans’), don’t worry about where you might find those items.

Here are some guidelines for choosing your starter kit pieces:

Go back to your lifestyle analysis from step 1 and rate each of your three biggest activity groups on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how happy you are with it at the moment.

For maximum impact, the majority of your starter kit should be tailored to the one activity that you are least happy with.

Style-wise, choose pieces that signify the key idea of the overall look you are going for, whether that is a leather jacket, a pair of brogues, or a fitted pencil skirt.

For example, if you want your ideal wardrobe to contain lots of blazers and slim-fitting jeans because you love that combo, choose a single pair of jeans and a versatile blazer for your starter kit.

Better still,  if chunky knits and jewel tones are key elements for you, include a burgundy knit sweater and perhaps an emerald green skirt, and so on.

Select items that you will get a lot of wear out of i.e. can wear several times a week and several times between washes. Think of jackets, shoes, bags, and versatile separates that you can wear everywhere in lots of different ways, rather than a lightweight bright t-shirt for instance.

Choose pieces that are neither too dressed up nor dressed down, but smack in the middle.  Plain basics won’t make enough of a difference to your look and statement pieces are usually not versatile enough to be worn for different occasions.


Step 4: Find the best quality your money can buy

Once you have figured out which types of pieces you want to include in your starter kit, the next step is to go on and find a version for each item that fulfills your criteria and is in your price range.

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Make it your goal to hunt down the best quality your money can buy: that includes the quality of the garment itself but also how well it fits your body and style concept.

Here are a couple of pointers on finding good quality garments on a budget:

Price is not a reliable indicator of quality, that’s why it’s a good idea to study how you can assess the quality of a garment yourself, especially when you are on a tight budget.

Check out the garment quality series for lots of advice on how to do that.

As a general rule, you’ll have much better luck finding simple, unstructured pieces at more affordable stores than pieces that are very detail-rich and tailored.

So, for pieces for which tailoring and details aren’t crucial components, consider going for a simpler version.


Step 5: Continue working towards your ideal wardrobe at your own pace

Once you have your starter kit all set, you will undoubtedly already be a lot happier with the general state of your wardrobe and hopefully will also be extra motivated to stick to your newfound style resolutions from now on.

Set yourself a flexible budget and continue to work towards your ideal wardrobe, however fast or slow your budget allows.

Instead of five new pieces a month, you may only be able to afford one or two new pieces now. But if chosen well, those two pieces a month slowly but steadily add up to something bigger.

A cohesive, high-quality wardrobe full of pieces you love and can wear for many seasons to come.

How do you dress in affordable ways?


How to build an affordable wardrobe this Christmas?


An affordable wardrobe for this Christmas session ought to be considered wisely, taking to pocket-friendly outfit is a good idea to follow.

This guide will tell you how to dress well on a budget and so, saving some cash for other vital expenses, come along with me:


(1) You have to invest in Classic things

Whoen considering an affordable wardrobe this Christmas,  Instead of buying into trends, start investing in classic pieces that refuse to fall out of favor.

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Wardrobe staples – such as button-down shirts, chinos, and jeans – are not only timeless but extremely versatile too. You may like the look of that bright yellow blazer, but realistically how many times will you get to wear it?

You can get your clothing in retail stores, Windsor can help also stores similar to Windsor too can.

Avoid trends and fast fashion what some says Luxury hair are trendy and highly expensive, do you think so?


(2)  Finding the Right Fit 

Buying clothes that fit offers the easiest way to make your outfits look more expensive. Check cotton on outlet near you.

To ensure you get it right, simply use size guides to determine which size you should be buying; if you’re in-between sizes, you may want to consider visiting a tailor forfashion, remember to dress for less clothing chain!

A trained professional can take wallowing jackets and trousers from average to outstanding, whilst most dry cleaners will have somebody in-house that can take on trouser hems and sleeve lengths. Zara top clothing will surely give it your desired fitted clothes!

In addition,  an affordsble wardrobe brands like h&m, brands like nasty gal, funky cheaping clothing brands, and even cheap clothing can as well give you great style if you a search rightly.


(3) Considering Quality over Quantity

Instead of buying cheap clothing and replacing it every six months, start looking at pieces that will stand the test of time.

This may mean you have to pay a little more than you would like, however in the long run it’s sure to save you money. A well-made pair of shoes should serve you well for several years, whilst a quality suit or jacket is going to last you even longer.


(4)  Always shop Smartly

Are you being shrewd with your purchases? Sale shopping isn’t for everyone, but if you’re on a budget it’s a smart way to shop – especially if you know where to look.

Look for clothing companies or stores that they’re regularly updated to make room for new products.


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